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Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I recently read ‘Against the Machine; Being Human in the Age of the Electronic Mob’ by Lee Siegel. It’s rather one sided and somewhat elitist but otherwise very perceptive about our internet addiction. If Siegel was going to write a concise little guide to this subject and about blogging in particular, it might go something like this:

‘Seek popularity calculated through business measured algorithms. Value the first person pronoun above the third. Write about what everyone else writes about, but be more outrageous still. ‘Self express’ but do not create anything original.

Privatise your leisure time and delude yourself with your ‘connections’ whilst your prosumer identity really leaves you more alone than you’ve ever been.

Use childlike anonymity whilst surfing a world filtered for you. Behave in an inane attention seeking way and seduce yourself with the illusion of ‘fame’ only a click away.

Advertise your exciting, crazy life as often as possible whilst sitting on your arse, on the same sofa, in front of the same screen, every damn day.’

So to address my hypocrisy and my apparent self loathing, I’ve decided to join a writer’s group instead. This means I will sadly be depriving you of my little posts - don’t all cry at once.


R.E. my last post: the next letter was ‘U’ and coz I’m feeling generous, here’s the third - ‘R’ RRRRRrrrrrrruh. Incidentally, ‘ruh’ is rather like the second syllable of my first name. My real one, that is.

There’s also a clue with my pseudonym’s initials too. Yeah, that’s right -I’m into S & M. See ya!

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